About Donna

Dr. Donna Fontanarose Rabuck is a writer, teacher, independent feminist scholar and women's ritual leader. She received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1990, with Women's Studies, Literature, and Writing as her areas of focus. Now the retired director of a writing program at the University of Arizona, Donna directs the Center for the Sacred Feminine where, for the past 27 years, she has created, nurtured, inspired,  and supported a women's spirituality community in Tucson, Arizona. Donna leads women's circles, seasonal playshops, and Spring and Autumn Equinox Retreats. She also does private consulting, publishes a newsletter, and The WomanSpirit Guide, a bibliography. She is the author of many works in the fields of women's studies, writing, and women's spirituality.

When Donna was completing her graduate degree, she became part of a women's circle at a local church and discovered the power of women's spirituality and goddess archetypes to nurture and inspire women. Using her academic training, she reexamined the Greek myths and did extensive research in the fields of archeology, history, psychology, and western literature as well as eastern studies, yoga, native studies, and the wise woman tradition to create a unique teaching style which leads women to discover, understand, and explore the goddess within and without. Donna works deeply with goddess archetypes of the maiden, the mother, the wise woman, and the crone, cycles of the moon and sun, and creating an individual and unique feminine-centered practice of spirituality that leads to nurturance, empowerment, and growth.


Donna has been holding space at the Center for the Sacred Feminine for women of open, loving, and spirit-affirming hearts and minds to gather and grow strong from being a part of a community of women working for positive change in their lives, celebrating seasonal holy days, singing, learning, reflecting, and opening to ritual as a means of healing. This community is now international, as women come from all over the world to attend the Spring and Fall Equinox Retreats. Come join your sisters in creating new paradigms of love, balance, and partnership. As we do so, we help heal ourselves and the world.



Donna, thank you for listening to your heart when you felt something was missing over 20 years ago and you started the Center. Thank you for the courage to nurture it and allow it to evolve, yet maintain its simplicity. You have enriched my life, and those of countless others! You have given me a community, a sisterhood, a safety net, an oasis…and something to always look forward to! You have given me back music, history, art, prayer, meditation, friends, role models, deep storytelling…Holiness. I am thrilled to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Center for the Sacred Feminine. Thank you for so fully being you and for bringing your gifts to the world. ~Cynthia C.

And then…Donna, you bring in your scholarship. I have learned so much from your stories, our discussions, and from reading the packets. This knowledge has enriched my thinking and consciousness. Again, my world opens wider and I can see with new eyes…. From circles, to retreats to playshops- everything is always so well organized and flows so beautifully. The rituals, the music, the yoga, the crafts, the meditations, the teachings are always perfect. I am always touched profoundly in some way. A spark ignites in some corner of my consciousness and allows me to discover hidden treasures within myself.  Year after year, you always inspire me. With gratitude, Debby B.

How can I ever thank you for your wise, generous, loving spirit and your living example of all that we can be as women? For the womb space you have created, that you nurture and tend and hold in readiness for all women to use on their very personal journey. It is truly a womb space of the spirit. In joy and gratitude, Ann M.