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"Fill your life with women  that empower you, that help you believe in your magic and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too. Women that believe in each other create armies that will win kingdoms and wars." –Nikita Gill

Reweaving the Web in Beauty: Celebrating the Center's 24th Birthday

" Grandmother, where do I begin? What thread begins the yarn? What story begins the weave?" "Begin at the center, begin at the center, in your own dark center, begin." Gwendolyn Endicott At this opening in time near Hallowmas, when the veils between the living and the dead are thinnest, I hold both joy and sorrow. The joy - celebrating the 24th birthday of the Center at the Women's Circle November 1st. What began as a dream was real-ized as the first woman walked through the door. I remember the passion in answering what was truly a calling all those years ago when I decided to teach in a different way and become an independent feminist scholar. I included lots of art, poetry, meditation, m

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