Seasonal Weekend Retreats

Spring Equinox Retreat- Loving Ourselves Enough

The Center for the Sacred Feminine's Retreats provide the opportunity for women to gather in sacred time and space and celebrate seasonal passages at Autumn and Spring Equinox (September and March) at beautiful Casa de San Pedro, our retreat home. Join me and Lyndi Rivers, yoga teacher extraordinaire, for one of my signature offerings, a life-transforming experience!

Friday, March 22 -

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Join us at an award-winning bed and breakfast lodge on the banks of the San Pedro River for a magical weekend of chant, song, meditation, mantra, yoga, ritual, sharing and renewal to welcome Spring and love ourselves enough to flourish in these challenging times. Join Lyndi Rivers and me for a weekend of discovering, exploring and celebrating women’s mysteries. We will ground ourselves in Love, Compassion, Strength, and Power with Goddesses, Totems and Yoga to guide us. Enjoy the birds, starlit nights, and the wonder of this gorgeous place. Come celebrate Spring Equinox in communion and community with us!

Cost: Early Bird Rate

$450, all inclusive, shared room

$695 private room (limited availability)

$850 Special Shared Room Sister Discount

What you will receive from this retreat weekend:


  • an opportunity to nurture yourself in a beautiful place at a sacred time

  • a chance to stop and reflect on your own process of growth

  • an opportunity to learn about specific goddesses from different traditions associated with love, compassion, strength, and power

  • luscious yoga with Lyndi in a gorgeous setting to nurture body, mind, and spirit

  • a packet lovingly prepared for you by Donna with information about the season, the theme, the archetypes, goddesses, and symbols connected to the theme

  • learn the 7 Directions Movement Meditation to help mend the sacred web of life with Donna

  • a sprinkling of gifts to serve as touchstones at retreat and after

  • a re-turn to your source, to your feminine ground & grounding

  • a chance to come into balance within & without

  • a reclaiming and honoring of the Maiden who lives within

  • a celebration of Mother Earth and the beauty of Spring

  • an opportunity to heal, whole, and know yourself as holy

  • a chance to relax and savor the sweetness and joy of life


How might your life be different if there had been a place for you? A place for you to go . . . a place of women, to help you learn the ways of women . . . a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become yourself. A place of women to help you find and trust the ancient flow already there within yourself . . . waiting to be released.

Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones

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I had an amazing time. It was such a healing experience to be in a group of women who were so open and compassionate towards each other. My favorite thing was the sense of community and belonging I felt with a group that I had never been part of before. ~Ramsie M.

Each retreat seems to have its own special flavor, and the Spring retreat was sweet. The pace of the world seemed to slow down and the beauty of the Casa provided a perfect backdrop for the ritual, yoga, Seven Directions Movement Meditation, walking the labyrinth, reading…well, the list goes on and on. There was wonderful free time Saturday night to get into all sorts of mischief and the hot tub in the evening was the perfect way to prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Donna and Lyndi, you organized and presented a beautiful experience, which included a lot of hard work and planning. May you both know how grateful I am for this blessed twice yearly retreat.   ~Susan K.

As always, the retreat was so nourishing. The River is sacred. We were blessed with the cutest ducks! It was so beautiful to expand our love circle with amazing new sisters. My favorite things: the Seven Directions Movement Meditation with Donna on Saturday morning and Yoga under the cottonwoods with Lyndi. ~Selene S.

We celebrate the continuing mystery of how each gathering is more delightful than its predecessor. My heartfelt gratitude and blessed be. ~Jo S.

The retreat was like a school of sorts. Donna’s Seven Directions Movement Meditation taught us why we were here on Earth. Lyndi’s yoga taught us how to take care of the bodies we are using. We were given wings made of Susan’s prayers and nourishment from Dana and the kitchen goddesses. We found safety and love as we soared in love and light, finding courage to let go of the darkness. We wove the tapestry of ancient sisterhood with joyful threads of singing, dancing, laughing, crying. Thank you, Donna, for the retreat – I learned that I am ready, I am a warrior, I AM the storm! ~Patricia S.

The retreat was a relaxing, friendly, supportive experience. I felt welcomed. It was easy to engage in conversation with others. The events and rituals and details were plentiful, meaningful, and informative. While I enjoyed the experience itself, I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the” afterglow” – I have recalled several of the things we use (chants, blessings, mudras) and incorporated them into my daily practices. I am also appreciating that there are people around the city and beyond who think/believe/study the way I do. ~Holly C.

I love returning to such a beautiful space and place and relish in the joy of new women discovering the Center and joining in on the peace of the Retreat weekend. The structure you and Lyndi create allows for everyone, old and new, to find their way to comfort, companionship, and solace in solitude. Favorite things- the space, the gentleness, the yummy spanakopita, curried peas and potatoes…loved the gentleness of Lyndi’s lovingkindness meditation and then being sent out in silence and, I chose, to bed for a long, peaceful sleep.  ~Jennifer R.

Thank you for a true retreat experience. I loved the freedom to explore the river, dance and sing with my sisters, and share in the gratitude of all our gifts. My favorite thing—the luxury of a slow pace with lots of free time to nap and explore. The Casa – magical. The food – delicious.  ~Patti G.

For a few moments after Sunday morning chanting and singing, I suddenly felt this shimmering energy above us: the power and potential, I believe, of our circle; greater than the sum of its parts, much greater. Mysterious. My favorite things…being in circle as each woman speaks. Simultaneously feeling so different from- and so alike- each woman! And the songs and chants and mudras and visualizations and meditations. Prayers before meals and eating together. I love being at Casa de San Pedro and feel that the owners, Patrick and Karl, really care about us and our experience. Breakfast is so lovely, as is homemade pie. -Thank you!  ~Cynthia C.

This is my 8th anniversary of coming on retreat. The minute I get here, I feel my body beginning to unwind. It is always so needed. I feel the love of the place and the women calling me home – home to myself- home to the goddess- home to my soul. Thank you for  providing this blessed sanctuary.  ~Amethyst M.