Blue Moon Hallowmas Greetings

Dear Sister, Blue Moon Hallowmas

I write to you in the liminal time before dawn. I so love the liminal spaces-before dawn, at dusk before sunset, when the veils between the worlds are thin and magic is all around. This is especially true today, Hallowmas, a portal to remembering, honoring, and celebrating those who have come before us, those who can be more easily accessed in this mystical, timeless realm. Happy Blue Moon Samhain, an event that hasn’t occurred since 1944.

It is also in October, around Hallowmas, that we celebrate the Center for the Sacred Feminine’s 26th birthday. A small circle of 9 met this past Thursday to do just that. I have invited those sisters who have been coming to circles and retreats the longest to have the opportunity to meet in safe, outdoor circle for the holy days such as Hallowmas and Winter Solstice. I am also beginning to create a new round of circles with offerings designed to help you stay sane during the times to come. It’s called Warriors, Weavers, and Healers of the Red Thread. It’s an online circle and course which will have us all exploring these archetypes through books that we read communally, starting with HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess Training, and enriched by guided meditations, further reading, and journaling questions, songs, a packet for the archetype, and a zoom circle once a month where we can share what we’ve learned as we walk the path of the spiritual warrior. For the many sisters who are writers, sharing any writing within the circle will be a part of it. In the times ahead, our ability to focus and take determined action for ourselves and what we believe in has never been more important. (I will send another e-mail to you once I have more details about the offerings.)

The Red Thread represents our connection through generations with those who have come before us. Red because it’s the color of our blood, the color of the womb, the color of the sacred feminine ancestors before the time of Mary Magdalene, who turned an egg red as her first miracle. And, as Meggan Watterson says,

Red because we are ready for what the alchemists refer to as “the reddening.” This is the third stage in the alchemical process after we’ve owned the dark depths of where we are human, and after we’ve witnessed our own breathtaking light. It’s the spiritual path that unites the lowest lows and the highest heights. It’s the path of integrating the hot mess with the holy soul, the utterly vulnerable with the force within us that is pure strength. And red because it’s the color associated with Mary Magdalene, and the legacy of the divine feminine. Red because it’s the color of the heart, and the heart is the holiest place on earth. The heart is the mystical space we can enter to meet with our every answer. -Mary Magdalene Revealed

Thread represents our connection to one another as sisters of the red thread, what women have spun and woven for years. Our threads are alive, on our wrists, or invisible but ever-present, hand in hand around the world. It’s the thread of our connection over generations of women who weave and mend the universe in daily acts of beauty and love, over time and space. It reminds us that we are strong and wise; it is women who will lead us individually and collectively out of the nightmare of patriarchy. The RED THREAD represents the unbroken lineage, the her-i-tage spiralling through time and space of the sacred feminine, the goddess, and ourselves.

As Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor remind us in The Great Cosmic Mother:

We need a global spirituality, an organic spirituality that belongs innately to us as children of earth, a spirituality that utterly refuses the moralistic, patriarchal systems, the mechanistic religions that seek to divide us – that control and suppress by successfully dividing us. We need a spirituality that acknowledges our earthly lives as evolutionary and social beings, just as we need an ontology that acknowledges earth as a conscious and spiritual being. We need this organic spirituality because we are ready to evolve as a globally conscious species.

We must re-member that what is done to the earth has been done to women and people of color: tearing the garment of humanity, ripping out love, compassion, and empathy. We weave and mend, all-ways, collecting fragments of the light.

One of the ways we do this is communally, the other is personally. I will be offering private sessions outside in my backyard, which is a true refuge and sanctuary and is now lit up like a faeryland. The magic of just being there at night is enough; but we will also have the opportunity to commune safely in sacred time and space, day or night, and do ritual together if you wish. As you know from coming to playshops and consultations, it is filled with sacred spaces. In honor of the 5th anniversary of Sue Ferguson’s passing, November 1st, it is lit in the spirit of joy, beauty, serenity, and play.

Hallowmas is the time of welcoming the Crone, the wise old woman who knows the secrets of the universe, to pass on her wisdom and strength. Anne Cameron’s reminds us at the end of Daughters of Copperwoman:

Old woman is watching

Watching over you

In the darkness of the storm

she is watching

watching over you

weave and mend

weave and mend

Old Woman is watching

watching over you

with her bones become a loom

she is weaving

watching over us

weave and mend

golden circle

weave and mend

sacred sisters

weave and mend

I have been searching



I have been searching for so many years

I have been searching

Old Woman

and I find her



Recommended Resources:Watch These Instead of the News!

This is a Hallowmas meditation with Hecate, the Crone, from The Path of She Book of Sabbats:A Journey of the Soul Across the Seasons. I read this meditation at the Hallowmas Circle for the Center. I highly recommend the book by Karen Clark.The meditation is perfect for these times. Listen to it on Hallowmas eve or the days after.

Fantastic, timely podcast with crone, elder, ecofeminist activist, Buddhist writer, legend Joanna Macy when she was 88. Her words from 2 years ago are so relevant today. One of Tami Simon’s all-time favorite podcasts, We Belong: Hope, Choice, and Our Relationship with the Earth.

Brene Brown interviews Joe Biden in a podcast called Empathy, Unity, and Courage.

She gives a brilliant discussion of the different types of power, (power over, power with, power to, and power within) which leads into a fabulous interview where Joe Biden reveals more of his thoughts and his compassionate soul. Not to be missed.

HeatherAsh Amara and her team are doing Love Streaming for the Election Monday and Tuesday November 2nd and 3rd.with a full schedule of events available at This is a fantastic way to stay grounded and centered during the chaos of these times. I have found HeatherAsh Amara, her books, her online courses, her podcasts, her meditative practices to be the most helpful antidotes to the dis-ease of our times and the despair we can fall into. She absolutely rocks and will be our guide through the first part of our work together in circle. Her work is grounded in ancient Toltec wisdom and both supremely relevant and powerful for this time.

Tonite, on Hallowmas, and every Thursday at 7:00, please light a candle in your heart, your home, and with your sisters for the Center for the Sacred Feminine and for women as centers for sacred feminine energy. As we nurture the light within, as we listen to our intuition, as we reclaim, rediscover, re-store and re-story women’s truths, we birth the sacred feminine and heal ourselves and the world. May we have the strength and courage to look with love at our own dark spaces. May we create new paradigms of partnership for this century. May we heal, whole, and know ourselves as holy. May we harvest wisdom in beauty, balance, health, freedom, love, and democracy this Fall. Blessings of the Season, Donna

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