Lammas: The First Fruits

Blessed Lammas, the first fruits harvest in the wheel of nature's year. The name is derived from "loaf mass," to honor the bread made from the first reaped grains. We eat it with gratitude for this nourishment and pray for more to come in the future.

I have often discussed earth holy days as times to take a sacred pause, to look back at what "seeds" you planted in the last cycle and to see how you and they are growing. And I ask you to consider, how can you ensure an abundant harvest in the Fall?

One of my intentions at Spring Equinox was to live more in tune with the cycles of the moon and nature. We live in an unnatural world in our country where we are terrorized by leaders who are greedy, unethical, immoral, and inhumane. How can we best respond to this crisis? By creating a life made by hand, by setting boundaries and cutting down on the media craze, by digging down to your essence, your life and what you want to make of it. Remember that every act you take is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

I suggest that the first act we take as women is to learn to love ourselves and trust our intuition to guide us. Patriarchy is a violent, misogynistic, racist, power over- the earth, women, and children- hating machine. Women have never been encouraged to love themselves; it's "selfish." Yet think of all the ways women serve, in their homes, in their communities, with their partners, family, children, and jobs. When and where is there time to take care of you? For you to stop, respect, and honor who you are and what you contribute? And to ask yourself, what do you need in your life to nurture your precious self? Is it a massage, time away from home, a day at the art museum? Pose the question, "What brings me pleasure?" or "How can I make this task more pleasurable?" The antidote to terrorism, interestingly enough, is pleasure. Pleasure and a good dose of joy. They don't preclude activism, they actually make activism possible, by nourishing us so that we are full of love rather than paralyzed by fear.

At this firstfruits harvest, on my 64th birthday, I am filled with gratitude to the sisters of the Center for the Sacred Feminine for the journeys we have been on for 24 years, and the ones yet to come. This self-love journey of the past year has been one of the hardest and richest ones yet.

Never forget, you are a blessing to the world. Do what brings you joy as it serves who and what you love. Your life matters. No step is too small. Any story can be rewritten. May Lammas be the first harvest of a whole new chapter of the fruits of self-love and succulent living.

Blessed Lammas. Blessed be.

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