Welcome to the new website of the Center for the Sacred Feminine. It has been a delightful experience to work with Brian Hanner on creating it and to reflect on almost a quarter of a century (!) of service to the goddess, creating nourishing spaces, teaching values of peace, partnership, and power from within. More than ever, women need a sanctuary, a safe space to gather together and share our wisdom, share our stories, and create new ones. If we wish to be the change we want to see in the world, our inner world needs to nourish and flourish and fill us up with inspiration and strength. The Center does that.

It has been my great honor to witness so many women grow from surviving to thriving, realizing that we are the author and authority of our lives, that our words and deeds are powerful, and our voices - authentic, grounded, compassionate, wise voices - must be heard. We do this for the sake of the earth, our children, all that matters most in this world - love.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey to wholeness and holiness. Enjoy the new website - the offerings of the Center, the goddess. Blessed be, Donna

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